Créateurs de vins depuis 1881

Vignobles Laur

Vignobles Laur

The fate of a family since 1881

It is on the high hills of Floressas, ancestral cradle of the vineyard of Cahors, that the family Laur has been animated by a constant ambition for six generations: to produce qualityWines.

Today, three generations work together on the estate .While the elders bring their traditional method ,the youngest improve continuing care given to the vines and the vintages.

The vineyard

“Château Laur” is a superb estate of 46 hectares located on the hills of Floressas, benefiting from one of the most beautiful terroirs of the appellation Cahors.

A land of legend

The vineyard benefits from a terroir of excellence composed of intricate clay – limestone ferruginous soils, and an ideal exposure ensuring a privileged sunshine for the vine.

“No great wines without great terroirs”

The Malbec, a unique cepage

The family Laur, very attached to its roots, has always defended the Malbec, unique and historical grape variety of the AOC Cahors. The know-how of the generations allows to know all the virtues of this grape variety, and to produce great wines 100% Malbec.

A reasoned culture

since ancient times, making wine at Château Laur is a history of ethics, respect for nature and the environment is a priority in the world of driving the vineyards.

The art of winemaking

When they reach optimum maturity, the grapes are delicately picked and quickly cured to preserve the maximum aroma and guarantee a perfect sanitary condition of the harvest.

The vineyard is traditional with a control of the temperatures for the prefermentary macerations in cold and hot macerations at the end of fermentation. Each plot and each vine are vinified separately to create then the most armonious assembly and the most elegant.

At Château Laur, we no longer speak of harvesting but « grape picking »

The secrets of winemaking

The wine is matured in prestigious French oak barrels in order to obtain a harmonious and complex marriage between the aromas of terroir and them released by the fine grains of the barrel (notes of toast, chocolate, vanilla, others).

The fineness of the grain, the power of the tannins

Gold in bottles

The richness and the diversity of the terroirs encouraged the family to create several cuvées where each one expresses a typicity, a character and a different terroir expression.

The “L’hor” cuvée, the confidential cuvée of the estate, is one of the most beautiful examples of the appellation and is one of the must-see when talking about the Greats!

“The soul of Chateau Laur rests in bottles”